Friday, 8 November 2019

Questioning, Experimenting, Marketing and Dopamine Addiction

 What if you don't want to fit into bite-sized chunks, booty shots and faux inspirational photos? These are the things that I have been thinking about lately. Each year as I teach myself how to stay real, market myself and do my best to stay away from dopamine addiction. I seem to weird myself out trying not to play the comparison game, give into conventional marketing advice while also living my most authentic self. It's a lot to combine I grant and you.

Then I consider the agonised posting that most people go through, the hours that they must spend scheduling there pre-ordained life that probably isn't running to schedule. It's not what my sustainable looks like. Then synchro destiny invites me to think on that more.  Then I have the added argument of; am I really using my Instagram stories to the best of my ability? The great news is that they are not running my life, nor are my standard Instagram visuals. In fact, sometimes I horrify myself at my posting choices all in the hope of number one prioritising my real-life existence. That means not letting social media posting get the better of me, taking me out of the moment and away from the things that matter even if they'd make a beautiful post right now. Being in the moment, sharing the moment as opposed to externalising it can cause me some serious brain ache. I'm not sure if there is an acronym for Instagram regrets though... like seriously. Then seriously what's more important. What am I doing right now..., like right now? Money? Connection? Presence? Distraction? Focus? You see we are already living in multiple dimensions. The digital cosmos a very real reflection of that, prompting even bigger questions what is real?

Then the question why don't you want to schedule all your posts? Automation is the way forward. Automation to me = phoney. Like truly. As part of what I do it's really important that I share my life not schedule all those amazing thoughts, you have in the middle of the night to make it look like you are superhuman. I'm not. I drop the ball and that makes me flawsome and we all need to hear more of that all day every day.

Yet still more an more of what I do seems to be centred round my phone, to the point that I am getting thumb fatigue. Yes that is a thing. It is going to be the new global health pandemic the loss of opposable thumbs. Have any writers thought up this one yet? Am I the first? It's kind of embarrassing I'm still one finger typing after decades of lazy skill uptake and now I am worried about my thumbs.

More than this I feel resistance to the opening of the laptop. It's like the place of serious operations now. It's brutal. Don't go in there unless you are committed to spending 3 hours of more of your time writing. At least I can say I now honestly use my laptop as a glorified word processor and photo storage.  Go me. Yay. 

Recently I've been watching Billy Connolly promoting his book and it turns out he doesn't write a thing down. I suspect it's because he's got a beautiful brain. It reminds me of mine, non-linear ever connecting and yet my social media and marketing doesn't really reflect that does it? Who fucking knows? I only just figured out what I do for a living about 2 minutes ago and I'm 39 because I've had this nebulous thing running round my head - that didn't have a name yet - Systemic Healing. How do create a marketing programme for just about everything? I supposed hashtag #systemichealing a lot? Or maybe that #itsallconnected Mainly I'm just talking about my life a lot and all the ways that it's a bit fucked up and then all the ways I might try to fix it. That centres around healing yourself first and being honest about what going on in your day to day life. Yup so yes all of the above.